For as long as we can remember, we have been enchanted by legends of women of the deep; from the 3,000-year-old Assyrian fertility goddess Atargatis to the powerful Mami Wata water spirits of West Africa and the seductive naiads and sirens of Ancient Greece, mermaids have long been objects of our obsession. How has this feminine aquatic figure materialized in so many of our global mythologies? And why do so many women, young and old, continue to feel such a deep connection to her? Mermaids is a feature documentary about the remarkably universal mermaid myth as seen through the eyes of a group of women who embody this iconic feminine figure inside and out (and have the tails to prove it!). The film is guided by the voices of these real-life sirens as they share their mermaid tales with the world. Their stories are interwoven throughout the film’s 75 minutes, and are told primarily through interview and observational footage, interspersed with lush underwater cinematography showing them in all their mermaid glory. Mermaids immerses audiences in the colourful chaos and obsession of the mermaiding community, diving deep into the poignant and at times dark stories that have lured these women to their aquatic alter-egos in the first place, ultimately revealing how their mermaid identities have empowered them and enriched their lives both in and out of the water. 

Amongst others, we’ll get to know a 76-year-old former theme park mermaid who isn’t yet ready to hang up her tail, a transgender mermaid in the process of becoming her true self in and out of the ocean, and two inspirational stars of the online “mer community” that recently tied the knot in the world’s first-ever “mer wedding”. Diving into the stories of these women, each as complex and captivating as the archetype they embody,we tackle questions of escape and transformation inherent in the mermaid myth. Following their siren songs, we journey from a retro roadside theme park that has been enchanting visitors with underwater mermaid shows since the 40s, to the ever more popular mermaid schools, meet ups, and conventions around North America, and into tropical seas where our mermaids frolic amongst dolphins and manatees. Encompassing themes of femininity, aging, sexuality, mental health, and self empowerment, Mermaids is a psychological portrait of a group of women who desire transformation and an escape from reality into a fantastical world. By putting on their tails, their human lives flourish in ways they could never foresee. This is a playful, poetic, and visually tantalizing documentary about what can happen when a mythical icon is brought to life in the minds and lived realities of several extraordinary women.